Gorilla Island POS Display Option 1 c/w Stock

To build awareness and increase sales, Gorilla have developed a unique range of free-standing display units.

All stands come complete with a built in video screen that broadcasts product demonstrations on a continuous loop.

Each stand option is supplied complete with stock - Gorilla's best selling lines.
Total RRP of stock is £1250.00 which at your price will allow good profit margins.

We also stock individual packs for restocking and other POS Display units.

Order now for a fully-stocked stand that will provide instant impact in your Trade Counter.

This is the Gorilla stand option 1 c/w stock and video screen, other stands are also on this site.
Option 2 and 3 only differ in the pack size of the Superglue.

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Code. Datasheet Description Stock Price
(exc VAT)
9044122 Gorilla Island Option 1 c/w Stock 1 £1,313.30 (£1,575.96 inc VAT)